We certainly like to hear good reports and receive recognition, but when all is said and done, it’s your success that matters.
Every project is managed as if the results were our own.  We evaluate each job and think of ways to do even better the next time!


What Others Say About Us

“Delia has always been a leader among her peers because of her honest, consistent and trusted advice as well as her proven successes. She is quick to share her knowledge and is a great sounding board for professional feedback.”
-Meg Casper Sunstrom, Deputy Secretary of State for Communication & Outreach Louisiana Secretary of State



2017-07 NSPRA Gold Medallion Presentation

2017-07 Gold Medallions

2017-04 PRAL Awards Winners


PRAL President Delia Taylor picture below at the Red Stick Awards with award and scholarship recipients

2016-08 LClub Board

2016-12 BRAABJ-Press Club Holiday Social

LSU Alumni Check Presentation Feb 22, 2009





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